Lucero Pool Plaster
Plaster Care Instructions
Terms and Conditions

  1. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Limited Warranties – Lucero Pool Plaster, warrants all their workmanship defect free. Effective for one full year starting from the date the job is completed. Warranties after the first year are directed towards the manufacturers, the warranties are not transferable, and warranties will be valid ONLY once the job is PAID IN FULL.

    Cracking (smaller than 2mm), staining, discoloration is not warranted against plaster. These plaster defects occur form local water conditions, improper cleaning of pool or improper use of chemicals. Any rust stains left by screen companies who drop metal into pool, or any staining and/or hydration are not a defect caused by the manufacturer, which excludes these from being covered by the warranty. Lucero can be contracted by the owner’s expense to do any spot cleaning. Pigment loss from UV radiations can cause variations in appearance, color and shade; none of these are considered product defects.

    When applicable: If Customer has work done by others, Lucero is not responsible for warranting any of their work or damage or loss. Any pool accessories or equipment installed or provided; all have their own manufacture warranty. Incidental and consequential costs not covered include but do not limit to water replacement, chemicals and loss of use of the pool. Lucero must be notified of any defects or infringements of the above warranty in a rational time once discovered, no later than 2 weeks. Such notices shall be made aware to Lucero through email ( or sent to 1000 Lunt Ave. Schaumburg, IL 60193. All the above warranties are effective if Customer has adhered to all terms and conditions, paid in full and met all other terms of the contract.

    Warranties are revoked if: pool is not kept full of water except for the annual maintenance period of 3 days. If the structure of the pool is damaged due to any act of God, riots, war, earth or fill ground movement, acts of others or any other civil disturbances, or by reason of the ground water rising above the low point hydrostatic pressure if pool is not kept full if there are ownership changes to the real property where the pool is located.

    If Customer has work performed by others that is not included in this contract, Lucero does not warrant that work nor shall Lucero be held responsible for any loss or damage. Any defects that occur due to misuse or harm caused by Customer, will be fixed at the Customer’s expense.

    The Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy and the obligation of Lucero for the matter set out herein is the repair of the defect, whether on warranty, contract, negligence or strict liability. Lucero will not be responsible for any special or consequential damages.

    2. CONTRACTS AND SPECIFICATION: This contract constitutes the entire contract and the parties are not bound by
    oral expression or representation on behalf of or on behalf of any party or by any undertaking or arrangement not specified in the contract by any agent of any party. No further work shall be done without prior written permission from the Customer. Any such authorization shall be approved by both parties on the change order form showing the terms of the agreement and the reason for the change. For such additional work so added to the contract, it shall be agreed that payment in advance of such additional work at the agreed price shall be due prior to commencement of such additional work; and that all terms and conditions of this contract shall extend to such additional work. All parties agree that the duration of the contact shall be extended by 15 working days for each additional working day provided by the change order or any other rescheduling issues. Where any provision of the contract is deemed invalid, it shall be agreed that such invalidity shall have effect only and that the remainder of the contract shall remain in force and effect.

    3. RESPONSIBILITIES OF LUCERO CONDITIONS AND LIMITATIONS: Lucero agrees to conduct all the work provided for in this contract in a manner that is both reasonable and workable, but shall not be liable for delay or failure to perform work if such delay or failure is attributable to: Acts of God, inclement weather, conflicts, protests or other civil unrest, labor disputes, government bans, failure to issue all necessary permits affecting the swimming pool and adjacent areas, failure of Customers to fulfill any obligations to be fulfilled by Customers hereunder, or any other purpose beyond the control of Lucero. The completion date provided for in this section shall be extended to five (5) business days, up to and including the sixth (6) day of delay, for each calendar day of delay caused by any or all the events referred to in this paragraph. Instead, for each calendar day of delay the completion date shall be extended one (1) business day. Including but not limited to items such as curbs, sidewalks, driveways, patios, lawns, shrubs and sprinkler systems, Lucero is not liable for damage to improvements and equipment located in reasonably adjacent to access roads or pool site. Lucero is not liable for damage caused by excavation equipment due to ground compaction. Lucero is not responsible for the floatation of any pool nor are they responsible for performing any prep on any pool site if not stated and agreed upon on this contract.

4. RESPONISIBILITIES OF CUSTOMER: When Customers are required to obtain permission from the owner(s) of adjacent property for such use to access adjacent properties for use by Lucero during construction, and the Customer agrees to be responsible and to keep Lucero harmless from any of its risks. At its cost, the Customer is required to carry out all necessary construction and other activities and to satisfy all necessary conditions to allow Lucero to complete the work provided for in this contract. All necessary variances and association permits or fees shall be provided by the Customer. Drainage to be provided by the Customer beyond the pool site and is intended to meet city and country requirements. If the completion of the pool is delayed for a period of more than 30 days due to causes under customer control, the Customer agrees to pay the increased labor and material and the cost of the equipment resulting from the delay of the Customer. Lucero holds rights to all pool supplies before full payment is made for the purchase price and any extras. Where the price is not paid in compliance with this contract, the Customer agrees that, without notice to the Customer, the contractor or his employees may enter the premises of the Customer and repossess any pool equipment and accessories included in this contract and apply the prices of such equipment on account of such repossession, save and except property damage caused by gross carelessness or negligence. Once plastered, the pool is considered complete.

5. REPRESENTATION OF CUSTOMER: Lucero has entered into this contract based on the following assumptions of the Customer’s facts and warranties, unless otherwise expressly provided in the plans and specifications of this contract:

a. The Customer shall provide adequate access, at no cost and without liability to Lucero, to the Customer’s own property or to the adjacent property for the normal construction equipment of Lucero.

b. The Customer shall have enough water and electricity to enable Lucero to carry out the work set out in this contract. Where either of these utilities is deemed to be inadequate, the Customer shall be liable for the additional costs of temporary power and water trucks in support of the contract work.

c. Until signing this agreement, the Customer shall alert Lucero if water leaks in the pool(s), spa(s) or any other bodies of water. Once work is complete, Lucero is not responsible for leaking pools. Before any renovation work to protect both Customer and Lucero, Lucero strongly recommends leak detection. Lucero is not responsible for the leakage of pools if a third party did not perform a leak detection.

If any of the above assumptions of fact are not correct, Lucero may, at its discretion, terminate this contract without any further responsibility to either the Customer or Lucero, unless the Customer agrees to pay Lucero the actual labor costs, materials, equipment and permits already furnished and needed to restore premises; it is agreed, however, that the parties can amend this contract to deal with such an occurrence by mutual agreement in writing.

6. POOL SITE: The term pool site refers to the area affecting the water surface and the portion of the ground surface extending no more than four (4) feet from the pool water surface perimeter.

7. DAMAGE TO WORK: Where work already performed is damaged by any cause beyond the control of Lucero and the Customer elects to cancel the work or is ordered to be terminated by the public authority, Lucero shall be paid for such work, the amount agreed in writing for such work or, if not agreed, the cost price for such labor and materials plus 20% of such cost price. If the work is not cancelled or terminated, the additional work to be paid by Customer in compliance with the previous sentence shall be all work required to replace the work already done.

8. ASSIGNMENTS: Lucero may assign all or any portion of the work to be done or subcontract it.

9. DEFAULT: In the case that Customer defaults on any condition of this agreement, Customer agrees to pay all collection costs and interest as of the default date. In any action brought under this contract, reasonable attorney’s fees shall be awarded to the prevailing party. Customer accepts that in the case of infringement or cancelation by Customer, Customer shall be responsible for costs of infringement plus contract income to date.

10. PAYMENT AND FINANCING: The Customer agrees to make all payments in a timely manner to ensure that the project remains on schedule. For every day payment is late, the Customer should expect at least 5 additional days to be added to the completion schedule and understand that this extended schedule will vary over different times of the year. The payment schedule will consist of a deposit and progress payments and will be outlines until final decisions are made as part of the project schedule. If punch list items are due after completion, the Customer must withhold 5% of the contract price until such time as these items are completed. Customer knows that there are no promises available until the project is fully paid for. Lucero does not offer financing, unless requested.

11. ARBITRATION: Any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to this agreement, or infringement thereof, shall be settled in arbitration in accordance with the American Arbitration Association and a judgement may be made in any court which has jurisdiction over it.


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