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Repairs and Pool Resurfacing in Schaumburg, IL

Make your backyard the place to be for barbecues and pool parties when Lucero Pool Plaster makes essential renovations to your swimming area. After we select the materials, we begin the preparation process for repairs and pool resurfacing in Schaumburg, IL. Whether your pool is for competitions, public use, or a private spot for your family, we offer complete renovations so that your pool is ready for swimmers. With our quality resurfacing materials, your pool will look and function better than ever.

A Detailed Pool Repair Process

Before your family can enjoy your new and improved pool, our team will take care of the work to ensure the resurfacing meets our high standards. Our pool renovation team will begin by undercutting the appropriate distance around any tile, return lines, light fixtures, and main drains.

We then remove paint and ensure a structurally sound substrate with our Waterblast device. The 40,000 psi ultra-pressure washer removes weak or soft spots on the existing surface, providing extra assurance of a long-lasting finish. Should you choose to replace the tile or pool coping, our team will take care of removing the old pieces to add new tile replacements. We then apply new materials by spraying and troweling them repeatedly. The final process is to clean and paint the new surface to the desired finish.

Choosing a New Surface for Your Pool

When refinishing a pool, there are many materials and surface options for you to choose from. At Lucero Pool Plaster, our pool contractors will help you choose the finish that best fits with your project ensuring that the bottom of your pool looks amazing and is smooth enough to walk on for shallow pools.

Additionally choosing the right pool surfacing materials can help to significantly increase the lifespan of your pool. This is thanks to newer materials adding an extra layer of protection to your pool’s surface. Furthermore, by choosing a unique design or color for your pool’s surface, you will significantly increase the value of your property. This makes resurfacing your pool a good idea when you plan on selling your home.

Improving the Cleanliness of Your Pool 

In addition to making your pool look amazing, a new surface will also help to improve the cleanliness of your water. A leaky or damaged pool surface makes it next to impossible to fully clean and maintain your pool, which can also lead to dangerous bacteria growth. 

With our pool surface maintenance, we will find and repair these leaks allowing you to maintain a better balance of chemicals in your pool, keeping everything clean. This way, everyone who goes swimming will be safe.

Contact us to learn more about resurfacing your pool. We proudly serve Schaumburg, IL, and the surrounding areas.

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