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Resurfacing the Centerpiece Of Your Backyard

Let your backyard be the place to be for barbecues and pool parties in Chicago, Illinois, when Lucero Pool Plaster makes essential pool renovations for your swimming area. After we select the materials, we begin the preparation process. Whether your pool is for competitions, public use, or a private pool for your family, we offer detailed renovations to prepare your pool for swimmers for years to come.

A Tenuous Pool Repair Process

Before your family can enjoy your new and improved pool, we do very meticulous work to ensure the pool resurfacing meets our high expectations. Our team undercuts the appropriate distance around the tile, return lines, light fixtures, and main drains. We remove paint and ensure a structurally sound substrate through Waterblast—the most environmentally safe equipment.) The 40,000 psi ultra-pressure washer removes weak or soft spots on the existing surface, providing extra assurance of a long lasting finish. Should you choose to replace the tile or pool coping, it would be removed and replaced. We then apply the materials by spraying and trowel it repeatedly. The final process is to expose the material to the desired finish.

Cleaning the Surface Of the Pool